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'Managing our Stress during the Coronavirus Pandemic'. This live webinar aims to allow you to reflect upon how the pandemic has changed your life and the challenges you are facing, to help you recognise how stress affects you and to equip you with tools to help you manage your stress so it doesn't overwhelm you. Duration 45minutes, upto an hour with questions. £295 for as many people who want to attend. (A reduced rate of £240 for organisations with fewer than 10 people)


Bespoke webinars can be created according to specific needs whilst social distancing rules make workshops problematic. 

One-On-One Consultations:-

Option  1: via Zoom £49/one hour session (shorter or longer sessions can be arranged, if preferred, and priced accordingly) 

Option 2: provides 3 months of monthly one-on-one support/coaching (3 half days on-site, divided into 45 minute or hourly individual sessions according to client need), priced at £550 for a half day (total of £1650 for the 3 half days).


Option 1: 'A Proactive Approach to Stress: An Overview'. A 2 hour workshop designed to give the attendee an overview of stress; its causes, its effects and measures that can be taken to reduce the negative impact of stress on their lives. It is priced at £495 for groups of 6-12 people. However if, at the time of booking, numbers are specified at the lower end of that range,  a rate of £49 per person will apply (see T&Cs).

Option 2: a more comprehensive half day workshop, based on the overview but looking at various aspects of stress in more detail eg time management, self-esteem, and coping behaviours. It is priced at £650 for groups of 6-10 delegates. However if, at the time of booking, numbers are specified at the lower end of that range, a rate of £75 per person will apply (see T&Cs).

Option 3: provides clients with the opportunity to request bespoke workshops tailored to a particular need which can be discussed  and priced accordingly. 

All attendees attending a workshop, or one-on-one support (in person), will receive a copy of my book to keep: 'Dealing with Stress: the mind, body, spirit way'. 


Disclaimer: Attendees will not receive individual medical advice or counselling. Only stress related support.

Workshops to help you manage stress

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