What is Stress?

Stress is a mental, physical and/or emotional response to situations or events which result in tension in the mind and/or body. Whilst the acute stress response (fright-flight-fight) is an important evolutionary adaptation helping to protect us from danger, chronic stress leads to physical and mental health problems. 

What causes people to get stressed?

Modern life seems to bring with it high levels of stress.

Global and societal pressures and worries can weigh on our minds: e.g.fears associated with terrorist attacks, Brexit, climate change, NHS pressures, lack of job security and social media pressures. We also face personal pressures such as those relating to health, money, work, children, relationships and elderly relatives.

Other factors that contribute to the level of stress we experience include feeling a lack of control over a situation, having too much to do and not enough time to do it, no time to recharge, low self-esteem, painful past experiences, fears of what might happen in the future and a ‘worrier’ personality.


Stress is what happens when a person under pressure starts to struggle.

Are you stressed? The questions below highlight common signs of stress:-

  • Are you easily irritated/angered? 

  • Are you more emotional and tearful?

  • Do you struggle to concentrate and find yourself forgetting things?

  • Are you losing or putting on weight?

  • Do you feel tired all the time even if you sleep well? 

  • Are you struggling to get to sleep or waking early?

  • Are you suffering from physical symptoms related to stress? e.g. panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle aches, migraines

  • Are you bringing work home and working in the evenings?

  • Are you missing meals or working through meals?

  • Are you snacking on sugary and/or fatty foods?

  • Are you relying on nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or other drugs to get you through the day?

  • Are you lacking quality time with the important people in your life?

  • Are you lacking time to do things you enjoy?

If you are showing signs of stress, you need to act now to prevent the situation potentially worsening. I can help you.

Photograph of woman with stress

Stress is what happens when a person under pressure starts to struggle