Stress & Business

Every year, millions of work days are lost due to stress, anxiety and depression and billions of pounds are lost to the economy. (See UK Statistics Authority figures from Labour Force Surveys relating to stress and also the CMO’s report from Health and Social Care at 2014).

How does stress affect business?

Employees can be signed off due to stress-related illnesses. This can last weeks or months. Expensive.

There are work load implications for colleagues. There is pressure on employers to find temporary cover. In some cases, people leave their job which has significant financial and time implications for employers with the loss of valuable investment into an employee’s training and experience. 

Employees struggling with stress don't work efficiently (Presenteeism).  As a result their productivity goes down and they are prone to making mistakes. Expensive.

Stress can affect the mood and behaviour of employees which impacts negatively on their interactions with colleagues. 

Employers are encouraged to provide a healthy and supportive environment for their staff. It also makes sense to educate employees on how to help themselves become more resilient. Providing this education makes financial sense  and also breeds loyalty and appreciation from employees, a total win-win for your business.


What do my workshops provide?

A proactive approach to stress. They empower individuals by helping them to reflect on the pressures and worries they are dealing with, to understand how stress affects them and to learn about things they can do or change which will increase their resilience. Also to become more aware of the signs of stress in others. 

Your staff are an asset worth investing in, not a resource to be used. 

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Stress is a threat to the productivity of your business  dealing with stress proactively is a smart and effective strategy