My Book

DEALING WITH STRESS: the Mind, Body, Spirit Way: Through the course of my work as a GP, I have developed a strategy to help my patients and have seen how this advice has helped them.


This strategy is now available as a short book which should fit into most handbags/large pockets. My workshops are based on this book and all attendees will receive a copy to keep.


Further copies are available on Amazon at a price of £4.99.

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Dealing With Stress: The 'Mind, Body, Spirit' Way by Rebecca Williams

Amazon reviews:-


"I found this little book to be concise, extremely informative, useful and straight to the point. The author 'speaks' to the reader as if in a consultation, it doesn't tell you what to do but in the form of a work book it encourages you step by step to think about and write down the cause of your stress, the symptoms and how it might affect you and then suggests actions to reduce or alleviate the stress." By L. Worthy

''A helpful little book about how to deal with stress''. Anonymous