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Dr Rebecca Williams

I have been working as a GP for 20 years and I am offering workshops to help people recognise stress and deal with it in a healthy way.


I completed my preclinical medical training at Cambridge University, obtaining a first class degree, before moving to Oxford for my clinical training, based at the John Radcliffe Hospital. After positions in Oxford, Inverness and Edinburgh, I settled in the Scottish Borders for my GP training where I have been working ever since. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you losing sleep? Are you struggling to cope?

I can help you feel in control again!

Even if life doesn't feel too bad at the moment, I can help you identify behaviours and thinking patterns which can predispose you to stress. Making changes proactively will help you maximise your physical and mental health, reducing the potential effects of stress in the future. 

Through my training and work I have known colleagues and patients suffer significant mental health problems. Recognising traits in myself which make me a good doctor, but also vulnerable to stress, has influenced my career decisions in order to create a work-life balance which enables me to do my job well whilst also looking after myself.  It has also led to a special interest in stress and mild anxiety/depression in my clinical work and I have spent a lot of time helping people through times of struggle or crisis. I now want to work from a different perspective, educating, equipping and empowering people before they become patients, hopefully enabling them to help themselves avoid a crisis. It is something I feel passionate about and I know I can make a difference to people's lives.

The aim of my workshops and one-on-one support is to help people identify the pressures they are facing, recognise when they are feeling stressed and to empower them to be proactive in managing their stress. 

I hope this approach will enable them to deal with the pressures in their lives in a more healthy way, with positive implications for them and for those around them. 

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